Viva Connections Dynamics 365 integration:3-Weeks Implementation


Improving productivity across Dynamics 365 activities with Viva Connections integration by delivering a personalized snapshot for on-the road or frontline employees

Velrada's Dynamics 365 integration with Viva Connections provides staff with a personalized snapshot of activity related to them across Dynamics 365 in the last 24hour, directly from within Microsoft Teams and/or the corporate Intranet via mobile phone or tablet. On-the-road employees can quickly and effectively stay up-to-date with new opportunities coming in. Frontline employees can spend less time behind the screens and more time with clients delivering better customer experiences.

Velrada's Dynamics 365 integration with Viva Connections will provide you with:

*A personalized Dynamics 365 activity dashboard located directly within the Viva Connections Dashboard *Audience targeted News and Communications *Governed and curated tools delivered to the right people *Accessible via Microsoft Teams or SharePoint *Provide communication template for end-users *A training session on management and maintenance of viva connections

*Terms, conditions, visuals and pricing are custom to each engagement.

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