Microsoft 365 Security CrashCouse with Zero Trust Assessment - 2 Week Project

Virteva LLC

Get a deep dive into the security features within Microsoft 365, along with a comprehensive assessment of your Zero Trust attainment level, including recommendations to get to an optimal state.

Get the most from Microsoft 365's security capabilities with our Security CrashCourse + Zero Trust Assessment.

As the Microsoft 365 security suite continues to expand and evolve, it’s critical for every organization that has adopted, or is considering adopting, the platform to adapt their understanding along the way and ensure that they’re getting the greatest value from the vast array of tools available in the Microsoft 365 suite.

In this offering, Virteva will perform two half-days of intensive overviews focused on the key security capabilities of Microsoft 365. In addition, both during and after this portion of the offering, we also perform a review and analysis of your current environment’s alignment with the Zero Trust security model and provide recommendations for optimizing your investment. This allows Virteva to provide you a combination of insights and education around the security aspects of Microsoft 365 while also enabling you to gain a real-world understanding of your current environment's Zero Trust attainment state so that you can then apply your learnings towards actionable areas of need in alignment with Zero Trust. Doing so will help ensure that you harden your environment against malicious threats and attacks, while also getting more value from your Microsoft 365 investment. Not only that, but also an opportunity to better identify and understand where there may be redundancies between the capabilities within Microsoft 365's security tools that overlap with your existing 3rd party security tools, such that you can make informed decisions about where to consolidate your security tool portfolio and cut costs while simultaneously enhancing and streamlining your security operations.

Through a combination of presentations, interactive dialog, use of real-world examples and demos, and assessment activities, Virteva ensures that you come away with confidence in your approach to security through Microsoft 365. You'll discover how to most effectively apply these lessons holistically in the best way for your organization.

What is it? • Get a deep dive into the security features available throughout the Microsoft 365 suite, presented by Virteva’s Microsoft 365 security experts • Gain understanding of the value, realities, and best practices associated with each of the Microsoft 365 security components. • An analysis of your current environment as it relates to alignment with the industry-standard Zero Trust security model, delivered by practitioners who deploy and manage Microsoft 365 security environments every day • Receive recommendations specific to your organization’s unique security needs and goals

Why is it important? In the way the world has evolved, particularly recently, it’s more important than ever for organizations to enhance their security while simultaneously accommodating a hybrid workforce, hybrid device ecosystem, and ensuring that users are empowered to do their work in the most efficient and effective way possible. As Microsoft 365 has evolved, the security capabilities within it have continued to expand to address many of the critical security layers every company must address. To effectively leverage these array of advanced security services, it’s necessary to not only understand each of them and how they work, but also to properly evaluate how best to apply them, ensuring both protection and end user experience are prioritized. Virteva combines our world-class Microsoft 365 security expertise with an assessment focused on helping your IT and security teams combine their newfound understanding of the full Microsoft 365 security suite with actionable and practical roadmaps to gain the most effective alignment with Zero Trust possible.

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