RPA-in-a-day: 1-day Workshop

XRM Vision

Familiarize your team with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop (RPA) & how it applies to your business

Want to learn how to create robotic process automations? This accelerated workshop will provide your team with hands-on activities to familiarize them with Microsoft Power Automate Desktop (RPA), and how it can be used within your organization effectively.

Led by one of XRM Vision's seasoned Solution Architects, this 1-day workshop is specifically designed to help business and IT analysts understand the value of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and how to implement it within your business processes.

This full-day workshop, held online or onsite at your location (additional charges may apply), covers the basics of Microsoft RPA with specific use cases and lab exercises. We’ll happily guide you through the first steps of implementing Robotic Process Automation within your environment.

The modules listed below are designed to expand your understanding of the Microsoft Power Automate Desktop application and its use in Robotic Process Automation. Participants will gain a practical understanding of how to create desktop flows and link those flows to multiple other Microsoft technologies. The sample RPA workflow created will kick off through the email receipt of an invoice, use AI to process that invoice, use Teams approvals to request approval of that invoice, and update a data store with the receipt/approval audit trail.


Module 1: Overview and prerequisites

Module 2: Identify automation opportunities and process bottlenecks using process advisor.

Module 3: Build your first Power Automate Desktop flow.

Module 4: Use input and output parameters

Module 5: Trigger your Power Automate Desktop flow.

Module 6: Integration with Outlook connector

Module 7: Use AI builder to process invoice forms.

Module 8: Create approvals using Microsoft Teams connector and adaptive cards.

Module 9: Web and Microsoft Excel automation using Power Automate Desktop

Module 10: (Optional) Run Power Automate Desktop flows in unattended mode.

Module 11: (Optional) Enhanced error handling in Power Automate Desktop

Module 12: (Optional) Monitor Desktop flow runs and manage gateway queues.

Note: Optional workshops will require a second day

At the end of this experience, participants will have built the above sample Robotic Process Automation using Power Automate Desktop, outlook connectors, AI builder for Forms processing, and MS Teams Approvals. This experience will leave participants with an example of how to build high value automations for their organization.

Deliverables from this offer: • Create custom Robotic Process Automation workflows. • Learn how to build Microsoft Power Automate Desktop business workflows that include, approvals, form processing automation and Teams’ connectivity. • Learn how to create attended and unattended RPA workflows. • Share your RPA workflows inside your organization securely. • Have an understanding of the licensing required for various RPA activities.

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