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Get an actionable overview of all requests unanswered by suppliers, including change requests.

Purchasers working with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central often use post-it notes or Excel-sheets, because it is not possible to manage purchase orders and requisitions properly. This app, Purchase Order Management, provides you an actionable overview.

Purchase Order Management

  • The app introduces a "purchase handling journal". This journal gives you an overview of all requests you have made to suppliers - that your suppliers have not yet responded to. This also includes change requests to existing purchase orders, that the suppliers have not yet responded to.
  • Many companies have a lot of unanswered purchase requests and change requests with suppliers, and it is almost impossible to keep track and remember which ones to follow up on. Purchase Order Management provides the overview and shows you which purchase orders to follow up on.

Main benefits for the purchaser

  • Save time on purchase order change processes.
  • Get a comprehensive overview of outstanding requests to suppliers which everyone can see.
  • Save time on reminding vendors for responses.
  • Get an overview of what was actually agreed - and what was only asked for but not yet confirmed.
  • Use Purchase Order Management for Web to allow suppliers to input responses directly into your purchase handling journal through a web interface.

Main benefits for the planner

  • Save time when sending orders and processing action messages.
  • Orders or inquiries to suppliers can be sent with one click.
  • Requisition queries to multiple suppliers can be sent from the planning journals without creating orders.
  • Quotes can be accepted and changed to orders with one click.

Most important features

  • Overview of all purchase queries
  • Automatic e-mails to vendors with text templates
  • Automatically generated link to web portal for vendors
  • Total control from the Purchase Handling Journal
  • Central web portal with your logo
  • Tracking change requests
  • Confirm or reject with one click

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Supported editions: This app supports both the Essential and Premium edition.
Supported countries: All countries where Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is available.
Supported languages: English, Danish

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