Payhawk's Spend Management Solution for Business Central

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Expense management integration

Payhawk - Business Spend, reinvented.

With Payhawk’s corporate visa cards, you can automate manual processes, maximise efficiency, and accelerate business expansion. Join the finance teams, in 32 countries, that trust us with a single global solution.

Our platform saves companies 100s of hours on manual finance process, and €1000’s of wasted spend each month.

Payhawk will help you:
1) Replace over 80% of manual finance processes with automation
2) Simplify finance operations with a single solution for managing multiple types of spend across multiple global entities
3) Easily enable greater governance and controls on spend without adding burdensome processes
4) Provide easy access to real-time spending reports

Visa Company Credit and Debit Cards (physical and virtual)
✓ Visa Credit cards with zero interest for US and UK companies
✓ Visa Debit cards for companies in 32 countries across Europe, the UK and the US
✓ Global card coverage
✓ Payments in multiple currencies (EUR, GBP, USD, RON, BGN, etc)
✓ Low FX fees for foreign currency transactions

Expense Management
✓ Management and Processing of Per Diems, Mileage and Reimbursable expenses
✓ Expense reports in real-time with the Payhawk App
✓ Subscriptions Tracking
✓ Scan & digitization of receipts
✓ No more manual data entry thanks to pre-accounting OCR in 60+ languages

Spend Control
✓ Custom approval workflows for company expenses
✓ Proactive card spend controls and policies
✓ Advanced card limits (daily, single transaction, etc)
✓ Control ATM withdrawals and online spend

Accounts Payable
✓ Free Bank Transfers in multiple currencies
✓ Dedicated IBAN (EUR, GBP or BGN)
✓ Managing enhanced Supplier data in constant sync with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Multi-entity management
✓ Monitor all your entities' spend in a single Group Dashboard
✓ Manage your global team with the Group Employee Module

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