KSA e-invoice Samadhan

bởi Samadhan

An add-on built on MS Dynamics 365 Business Central for E-Invoice at KSA Fatoora ZATCA

KSA E-Invoice Samadhan

Solution Overview
The KSA E-invoice Samadhan Extension for KSA e-Invoice (Fatoora Zatca) is a comprehensive solution designed to streamline and automate the electronic invoicing process in compliance with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's (KSA) regulatory requirements.
This extension integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Business Central, offering businesses a user-friendly and efficient way to generate, manage, and submit e-invoices in accordance with KSA's electronic invoicing regulations.

Salient Features
• E-Invoice Generation.
• Regulatory Compliance.
• Automated Submission.
• Integration with Business Processes.
• Data Security and Auditing.
• User Training and Support.
• Scalability.

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