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Know Your Products - AI App for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Want to gain more insights into your product data and sales within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central? AI Item Intelligence by Data Courage is the perfect solution for you!

Experience the next level of data analysis with our groundbreaking 'Item Insights' feature, powered by AI, which empowers you to make smarter, data-driven decisions like never before.

AI-Driven Item Insights: Help Unlock Hidden Opportunities

It offers a summary of sales history, evaluation of item performance, identifies trends and seasonality, and provides suggestions for sales and marketing strategies, along with short-term action recommendations.

With 'Item Insights', you can now answer crucial questions such as:

· Is it still worth selling this product?

· How can I increase sales ASAP?

· What should I focus on with my marketing efforts?

· When is the best time to sell my specific products?

· What should I do to maintain the current sales?

· Why is this product popular only during those months?

· When is the best time for promotions or rising prices?

No more guesswork - let the AI do the heavy lifting to help you, so that you can focus on driving your business forward.

Optimize Inventory Management

AI Item Intelligence enables you to effectively manage your inventory levels, ensuring you never experience costly stockouts or excess stock. With accurate and up-to-date information at your fingertips, you can make informed decisions that maximize profitability.

Empower Sales Performance

Maximize your revenue potential with AI-powered sales insights. Discover which products are driving growth, identify new opportunities, and analyze the performance of underperforming items. Understand the correlation between inventory availability and sales performance to optimize your sales strategies.

Prioritize Product Importance

Determine the true significance of each product to your business. AI Item Intelligence provides insights based on sales data and trends, enabling you to prioritize products that contribute the most to your bottom line.

Efficient Item Classification

Automatically classify and categorize items for better organization and analysis. AI Item Intelligence streamlines your product management process, making it easy to handle a large number of products and identify key categories.

Drill-Through Product Details

Access detailed information about each product effortlessly. AI Item Intelligence allows you to dive deep into product details, providing a comprehensive view of each item's performance and attributes, helping you understand your products better.

Interactive Power BI Dashboards

With Power BI Dashboards embedded, conduct in-depth analyses, explore correlations, and uncover patterns that drive your business forward.

User-Friendly and No Technical Skills Required

Designed with simplicity in mind, AI Item Intelligence is easy to use and requires no technical skills or external software. Anyone in your organization can harness the power of AI without hassle.

AI Item Intelligence for Business Central by Data Courage is the perfect solution for businesses that want to streamline their product data management process and gain valuable insights into their inventory levels, promotions effectiveness, and sales performance. Try it today and see the difference it can make in your operations!

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