AXP365 Cloud Compliance Suite™

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AXP365™ is the enterprise manufacturing suite for Pharma, Biotech, and Life Sciences companies.

Cloud Compliance Suite

Cloud solutions present many opportunities and some challenges to companies that operate in life sciences and other highly-regulated industries. While cloud solutions offer cost savings, boosts in productivity, and more, they can also require multiple updates per year which could represent a major compliance threat to your organization. Similarly, configuration changes that happen over time are difficult to document, maintain, copy, and compare.

AX for Pharma 365™ can easily mitigate the risks and harness the business opportunities that come with the cloud. We’ve designed the AXP365 Cloud Compliance Suite™ specifically to help life sciences organizations get the most out of the cloud while staying compliant with its modules: AXP365 Upgrade Assessment™, AXP365 Configuration Management™ and AXP365 Automated Testing™.

Why AX for Pharma 365™ Cloud Compliance Suite?

· Reduce testing efforts by focusing on high-risk modifications

· Ensure full traceability of test cases and test runs

· Automatically configure your environment and generate comparison documents

· Fully integrate automated testing with Azure DevOps

· Leverage new functionalities by assessing risks associated with each modification

· Assess and mitigate risks

Advanced features optimized for life sciences organizations:

· Capability to automatically configure environments by exporting and importing configuration

· Configuration changes documented and certified over time

· Continuous validation and continuous compliance of the COTS solution

· Library of validated test scripts

· Configuration export and import between environments

· New enhancements leverageable to streamline processes

· Test script implementation accelerated

· And more

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