Sales Order Release

bởi Axperience AG

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Centralize and unify all relevant checks for your sales orders and release for further processing

This feature enables you to run a specified set of checks and validations for your sales orders. Whether they are created manually or via interfaces we make sure no preventable mistakes are being made. For example, we check if there are multi line discounts to be calculated, sufficient margin, product’s availability, customer outstanding invoices. Furthermore, you are able to implement easily your own specific validation rules.

If some checks deliver a negative result, you will be able to see the conflicts as a message in your GUI as well as they are being saved into an own field on the sales order header (in case of batch processing and only validating the faulty orders).

Your sales administration is being enabled with a tool to determine, which sales order are entered completely and in the same time perform defined routine processes. This will reduce your administrative overhead and standardize processes, so things are not being bypassed or forgotten.

Your logistics department will get more time to prepare shipments since they are getting their work earlier.

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