Albanian Localization and Fiscalization for Dynamics 365 Finance

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Comply with Albania's tax laws and regulations with our application for Dynamics 365 Finance

Do you operate in Albania but do not have a localized version of your Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management solution?
Your company must comply with local regulations and your employees need to have the right tool to follow them.

Albanian Localization & Fiscalization for Dynamics 365 gives customers the ability to adapt Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management to the mandatory requirements of the Albanian tax authorities. The solution is applicable to businesses that issue non-cash invoices and must fiscalize e-invoices to B2B or B2G.

The application enables your Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management to be integrated with the Albanian tax authority system (Self-Care). The process is entirely automatic, running in the background with no need for physical devices to be installed or additional effort from the users. After posting the transaction in Dynamics 365, the tool sends a request with an XML file following the technical requirements, for every type of document that should be fiscalized and gets back a confirmation with Fiscal identification numbers from the tax authority. In addition, the application, together with the standard Dynamics 365 functionalities, cover bookkeeping, tax accounting, and other must-have features for companies that operate in Albania. Here’s what to expect as part of the pack:

    • Country-specific VAT configurations - VAT Purchase/ Sales ledger generation
    • Fiscalization setups to guarantee the correct request for fiscalization
    • Fiscalize sales invoices generated from Sales order or Free text invoice functionality
    • Fiscalization of Non-cash Invoices/Corrective Non-cash Invoices (E-invoice)
    • Fiscalization of reverse charge and self-invoices
    • Fiscalization of Transfer orders
    • Sending bank information (multiple banks) in the e-invoice
    • Keep the invoice data in Dynamics 365 along with their unique fiscalization codes generated in Self-Care
    • Retrieve list of Purchase e-invoices from Self-Care and the ability to approve them directly from Dynamics 365

As an official Microsoft Dynamics localization partner for Albania, Intelligent Systems provides its customers with advanced software solutions and know-how on the local fiscal and accounting standards, tax policy, VAT regulations, excise, other legislative and provisions.

To learn more, see the app's brochure or visit our localization services page:

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