RSM Retail Advanced Product Information Management

bởi RSM Product Sales LLC

Automate retail item maintenance-quick create, mass update, planogram & KPIs (GMROI, sales velocity)

Retailers that manage tens of thousands of items over hundreds of locations need the support of a system that can scale and support them.

RSM’s Retail Advanced Product Information Management solution provides the following features that help support merchants with this task:

  • Item quick create with mass updates
  • Minimize setup fields with default templates for items
  • Planogram support and configuration with integration to ShelfLogic ™
  • Prepack inventory management
  • Intelligent ranking to support key decisions with calculated GMROI and Sales Velocity for each item
  • Item label configuration to support visual merchandising
  • Support for weekly ad flyers
  • Bulk price updates

These features are part of an overall Retail advanced merchandising suite to support the modern retailer

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