Strabo Price Plus

bởi Strabo Partners, Inc.

Reduce maintenance time and gain additional flexibility with pricing and auto charges

Reduce maintenance time and gain additional flexibility by being able to pick the data that drives your pricing and auto charges. With additional order pricing features, detailed order pricing history and tracking, and the ability to review pricing before it is live, never lose visibility into your pricing structure.

Specify Your Own Pricing and Auto Charge Criteria

  • Using user configurable criteria, select the fields you need for driving your pricing and/or auto charges
  • Prioritize which fields are important
  • Different criteria for base prices, discounts, multi-line discounts, and charges across purchasing and sales 

Cost + and Base Price + Pricing

  • Use the cost of your inventory to drive prices and assure margins
  • Use your item base price as a baseline

Pricing in Any Unit of Measure

  • Order UOM’s and Price UOM’s no longer need to be the same

Price Status and Pricing Wizard

  • Use the wizard or Excel to quickly change pricing
  • Put pricing in review until it is finalized
  • See from an order how the new setup would affect prices before approval

History and Tracking

  • Categorize your pricing and charges for ease of reporting
  • Visibility to see all pricing records that could apply to an order line
  • Detailed history to see exactly what prices and discounts were used on orders

Order Price Management

  • Zero price checks
  • Real-time or event-based pricing
  • Price lock and pricing override history 

Charge Hierarchy to “Stack” Charges

  • New calculations allow the system to include the value of charges in the calculation of other charges
  • User configurable as to which charges are included and in what order the charges are calculated

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