Strabo Partnered Logistics

bởi Strabo Partners, Inc.

An end to end 3rd party logistics and consignment billing solution for Dynamics 365 Supply Chain.

Strabo Partnered Logistics adds the functionality to D365 needed for the Third-Party Logistics and Manufacturing industries. With feature sets such as inventory consignment and ownership, 3rd party billing, and loss and damage tracking, Strabo Partnered Logistics can cut costs and streamline operations. Strabo Partnered Logistics is embedded right in Dynamics 365 Supply Chain/Finance and Operations, giving a seamless look and feel across the app and keeping the data all in one database.

Strabo Partnered Logistics is built for companies looking for software in the following areas:

  • Third Party Logistics (3PL)
  • Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)
  • Consignment
  • 3rd Party Billing
  • Private Labeling (PLP)
  • Ownership Transfer
  • Co-Packing
  • Contract Manufacturing (CMO)
  • Loss & Damage Tracking

Some of the key features for Strabo Partnered Logistics include:

Ownership Tracking

  • Track inventory ownership either at a summary level by warehouse or at the smallest detail inventory level
  • Deep support for manufacturing ownership tracking throughout the process, including ownership tracking on both the bill of materials and finished goods
  • Concise cost tracking for ownership change, keeping inventory valuation accurate
  • Supports multiple costing methods

3PL and Co-Packer Billing

  • Automatic billing for common transactions in shipping, receiving, warehousing, and production
  • Automatic billing for inventory storage
  • Configurable billing periods, including immediate billing
  • Accruals available to keep track of financials throughout the billing period and not just when the invoice is created
  • Quick and highly configurable setup

Detailed Historical Tracking

  • Know exactly how billing was created, linking all source transactions to the final invoice
  • Accruals and summary transaction billing all easy to follow
  • Reporting designed for your end customer
  • Perfect for business intelligence reporting

Loss and Damage

  • Automatically take allowed breakage and loss transaction by transaction or on a time period basis
  • Automatic or manual settlement of overages
  • Multiple ways to settle discrepancies, including payments, billing, inventory replacement, and write-off 3PL and Co-Packer Billing

New Transactions Specific to SPL

  • Introduction of delivery and receiving transactions designed to ship product not owned by your company
  • No financials, pricing, payment terms, or other data that has no part of a shipping or receiving request from your customer
  • Focus on simplicity and ease of data entry
  • Use all of D365's advanced warehousing functionality and features with the new transaction types

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