Construct 365 Union & Certified Payroll by SIS

bởi Strategic Industry Solutions

Union & Certified Payroll Calculation & Reporting for Construction for Dynamics 365 Finance

The SIS Construct 365 Union & Certified Payroll for Dynamics 365 Finance for Contractors and Construction automates the capture of time and complex calculations for earnings, benefits, fringes and deductions for Union and Wage scale jobs, including Union Reciprocity Agreements. All a worker needs is the project and task, and the system will process the correct Union or Prevailing Wage rates and fringes based on the project and location. It is fully integrated to Payroll, GL, HR, Projects, AP and Cash Management.

Key Capabilities:

- Labor capture and costing to projects independent of payroll cycle

- Fringe set up allows for multiple basis for computation (percentage, hourly, flat)

- Manages multiple unions for the same craft or multiple crafts on the same project

- Certified Payroll reports

- Time entry for Crews, Multi-worker and Single worker

- Captures field expenses and allows reimbursement through payroll

- Automatically applies correct wages and fringes based on set up in the system between unions across jurisdictions.

- Allow for multiple tax regions on the same project (example pipeline construction)

- Eliminates month end accruals for Direct Labor Cost (when time sheet cycle cross financial periods)

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