BE-terna Fashion

bởi BE-terna

The complete commercial solution for the fashion and textile industry.

The success of a fashion trading company today depends to a large extent on the optimization of workflows and processes. By choosing business software that is tailored to your needs, you secure your market position in the long term. With BE-Fashion, based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance, Supply Chain Management & Commerce, we offer a state-of-the-art fashion business solution - supporting retail, wholesale, and manufacturing companies in the fashion, accessories, and textile industries.

BE-Fashion enables you to manage your business end-to-end - so that every item is in the right place at the right time. With our industry solution, you are closer to the customer and get continuous transparency of all business processes - from product creation to the point of sale.


Our fully integrated product data management solution means that a product will retain an id and associated product information throughout its life cycle and all processes access the same data source.

Key features such as our master BOM, measurement charts, item to-dos, and margin calculation enable an integrated sampling process and handoff to production. Product Qualities stores fashion-specific data such as care symbols, care instructions, material composition, tariff numbers, and certificates.


Speed up your purchasing processes with our enhanced stock-to-store workflow for creating purchase orders and related transport orders with a distribution matrix. The dedicated fashion purchasing workspace enables you to monitor and manage purchase orders on the item-color level throughout their lifecycle. Our vendor invoice validation framework improves your financial data quality by matching purchase orders, received goods, and invoices.


The streamlined sales order line creation through an availability matrix vastly increases your manual data entry speed, while sales order processing comes with enhanced validation, and allocation, as well as triggers for automated replenishment. Dedicated functionalities for block orders, pre-orders, and post-orders enable diverse business processes while we also offer functionality for shadow stock and consignment for retail and wholesale. The integrated value-added services support your marketing and logistics processes. Our TeleCash connector enables the Microsoft Store Commerce App POS to accept modern payment methods and alternatively, with our connectors for 3rd party POS and web shops, we integrate your existing solutions right from the start.


Whether you use Microsofts Advanced Warehouse Management or an external logistics system, the pending logistics transaction framework supports the scheduled posting of logistics and financial records and is optimized for high transaction volumes. The enhanced release-to-warehouse feature allows a concerted creation of pick and pack orders with quantity or order value thresholds.


Increase process standardization and uniformity through an extensive EDI framework. Keep your background processing of the whole ERP under control with our unique batch dependencies, a top-picking framework, and extended monitoring. We offer standardized interfaces for common entities, all with staging, logging, and validation features, that connect to your ecosystem.

Supported languages: German (Germany) and English (United States)

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