Power Pricing

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Update trade agreement prices in Dynamics 365

The Power Pricing solution is designed to take the pain out of updating trade agreement prices in Dynamics 365. Update prices using simple percentage increases or create your own custom formulas with data external to Dynamics. The new prices can then be emailed directly to customers using our reporting suite.

Power Pricing allows users to:

  • Update prices in seconds using a fully automated system.
  • Create formulas using your own data to update prices.
  • Eliminate the need for lengthy spreadsheets and manual processes.
  • Eradicate the risk of human error
  • Report new prices directly to customers

Case Study: GS Yuasa Batteries

Having offered consulting previous GS Yuasa approached us to discuss potential solutions for managing the price updates of large amounts of trade agreements.

GS Yuasa are transparent in their sales prices and use specific formulas which includes exchange rates and material costs. Their current process to update prices included many complex spreadsheets to create new prices which were then uploaded to Dynamics 365.

We were able to create Power Pricing that enabled users to apply formulas and data to trade agreements providing an automated the process.

After a successful launch with GS Yuasa the solution is now available to other clients!

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