Anywhere for Production Control

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Enable shop floor workers to fully view the manufacturing plan and update them - anywhere, anytime.

Anywhere for Production Control for Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain Management is meant to be deployed on the shop floor and to be used by the production workers. It is specifically designed to provide the best user experience when used on larger touch screens.

The application is based on Production orders. It has a landing screen, which displays the relevant list of orders with sufficient information like:
• Start date and expected delivery date
• Current status
• Start quantity
• RAF remainder quantity
From this screen, the user can take two types of actions:
• Review relevant and helpful information, like
o BOM details
o Documentation (attached to the BOM/Formula version, Route version or the order itself)
o And more!
• Update the production orders, like
o Start order
o Pause/restart order
o Pick
o Return materials to warehouse

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