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Sales Management for Financial Services

C Centric Solutions Pvt Ltd

Sales Management for Financial Services

Our sales Management Solution is built on MSD365 CRM, especially for the financial services industry. It covers both retail and corporate sales functions of Banks, Insurance Cos, Mutual Funds and NBFCs. Separate templates for each of these industries - with individual data structures, preconfigured processes, automations and integrations gets you off the block quickly, while innovative solutions like location-based assignment, document capture and validation, customer profiler, notification framework etc. ensures unprecedented process efficiency and shortening of engagement cycle

Purpose-built - Built specifically for financial services and covers both retail and corporate sales functions of Banks, Insurance Cos, Mutual Funds and NBFCs.

Tested and certified - Our solution is CfMD certified - Microsoft’s highest quality certification for partner solutions

Feature-rich - Extensive functionalities born out of deep understanding of the financial services industry makes sure that most of your requirements are met out-of-box.

Large reference customer base - this solution has been implemented by some of the biggest financial services companies. Contact us for more info and references

Built on a world-class CRM platform - MSFT Dynamics CRM 365, that offers a flexible and adaptive development framework, built-in intelligence and a best-in-class cloud infrastructure.