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Improve contact center quality assurance and risk management using AI-driven speech analytics.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 customers can now automate risk and quality management using Daisee’s speech and sentiment analytics & remediation workflow software, integrated within their Dynamics interface. 

Daisee helps to

  • Improve customer experience
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Identify missed commercial opportunities & training requirements
  • Provide valuable insights back to the business directly from the frontline – the true voice-of-the-customer

Unlike legacy speech analytics providers that simply transcribe audio to text and use ‘word spotting’ (i.e building a database of synonyms for every use case - ‘angry’ and ‘manager’ as well as ‘upset’ and ‘supervisor’ and simply spotting for those words), the engine has proprietary use of its sentiment language – a university innovation developed at Daisee, resulting in far more accurate transcription, enabling derivation of the context of a conversation.

The Programmable Scorecard™ scores every call, and automatically activates a workflow for low-scoring, high-risk calls in near-real-time so they can be immediately reviewed and remediated.

As the solution is pre-trained out of the box, deployment is a matter of weeks, not months and there is no setup or professional services fees – just a straightforward SaaS-based pricing model. Ensure 100% of your phone interactions are not only monitored but also analyzed and scored with high-risk calls triaged for fast review and remediation.

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