LoyaltyEdge - Rewarding Your Channel Partner

Reward Your Channel Partners For Their Loyalty

LoyaltyEdge is an additional module for WinningEdge365 - the first channel management solution built from the ground up to serve the C-Suite, channel managers, sales and marketing teams and natively take advantage of the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365. LoyaltyEdge works within the WinningEdge365 solution to provide multiple ways to reward partners for the loyalty. This includes:

  • Give partners the opportunity to rewards dollars from every purchase
  • Create Sweepstakes excitement for partners through as we help you calculate and manage entries
  • Reward partners in real time through the out Reloadable Visa cards
  • Calculate and disperse Marketing Development Funds
  • Built for complex earning rules and limited time offers.
LoyaltyEdge combines all aspects of rewarding channel partners into one easy-to-use suite.

The package we provide will give you everything you need to manage your channel parters. It also works with the WinningEdge365 Portal to offer partners an intuitive B2C experience through a web portal where they manage their rewards, see their balances, enter sweepstakes, and order gift cards as rewards. No other channel management solution offers this functionality in one place.

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