DocuSign Automation PowerApp

bởi Exigo Tech Pty Ltd

Save Time, Ditch Manual Efforts, and Improve Productivity with DocuSign Automation PowerApp


DocuSign Automation PowerApp by Exigo Tech is an efficient solution that saves you time and manual efforts of preparing separate envelopes in DocuSign and sending them to your employees, clients, vendors and suppliers. The application allows you to use the ready templates to make the final documents. These templates can then be sent over a secured platform of DocuSign. In this manner, you can remove human interference from the process and allow your employees to focus on other strategic tasks.  

  • Create templates of the most used documents and send it to the intended users.  
  • Notify the sender(s) about the completion of document signing process.  
  • Get the documents approved before getting them signed.  
  • Fetch the required data from Dynamics 365; save manual entry efforts and eliminate errors.  

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