Leaflet for Dynamics 365


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Leaflet allows users to generate, collaborate, map External Systems and customize documents.

Businesses are overwhelmed with the number of administrative tasks filling their workdays and taking time away from higher priority activities. These mundane tasks drain focus and increase turn-around time for documents and negotiations.

Leaflet for Dynamics 365 lets your Legal and Contract teams spend less time reviewing simple documents that require little to no adjustment and more time working on higher impact matters. It also allows user to have External System data which can be prefilled in your document, making it even more convenient to instantly create matters.

Leaflet for Dynamics 365 allows users to create permissioned controlled, custom document templates that ensure users start with the correct document, and ensures users can only changes variables based on your internal positions, policies, and stances.

Using Leaflet for Dynamics 365 Customize and Clause Library empowers your team to bring automation and playbooks into every aspect of the drafting process.

• With Leaflet for Dynamics 365 you can draft documents significantly faster, increasing the time you have available to spend on high value matters.
• Leaflet’s permission-controlled Templates give you peace of mind knowing that your everyone is using most up-to-date, compliant version of a document.
• Using Dynamics 365 allows you instant access to External System data allowing users to map and make most of the document pre-filled.

Start your automation journey with these Key Features:

Generate pre-filled documents quickly and easily from Automated Questionnaires.

Access your documents anywhere, anytime.

Control which users can access which documents with easy to use permission controls.

Important Notices:

Leaflet for Dynamics 365 requires an active Leaflet Subscription.

Sending documents for eSignature requires an active subscription with an eSignature Provider.

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