Dual-write application orchestration solution

bởi Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Enables seamless data interaction between Finance & Operations and Common Data Service.

Dual-write enables Finance and Operations apps data to become natively available on Dataverse. While dual-write core solution provides the bi-directional data sync pipeline between Finance and Operations apps and Customer Engagement apps, the dual-write application orchestration solutions provide the expanded schema, plugins and maps required for orchestrating end-2-end business processes. Dual-write application orchestration solutions are available in smaller packages namely Dual-write Application Core solution, Dual-write Human Resources solution, Dual-write Supply Chain solution, Dual-write Finance solution, Dual-write Notes solution, Dual-write Asset Management solution, and Dual-write party and global address book solution. Usage of smaller packages is recommended as we will be deprecating this package.

Note: Refer pre-requisites instructions to install the smaller packages.

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