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Create Calendar & Filter Data on CRM Entities of Your Choice.

Calendar PRO is a Microsoft Dynamics CRM add-on enhancement that allows organizations to be more joint effort interactive participation by allowing users to Create calendar on any of the CRM entities, create multiple Calendars for multiple entities & Filters data by CRM fields. Calendar PRO also enables color coding facility.

Product Highlights:

  • Create calendar on any of the CRM entities - Create multiple calendars for multiple entities.
  • Start Date & End Date is on any date field on entity such as created on, modified on, Anniversary, Birthdays, etc., as available in CRM.
  • Filters data by CRM fields such as look ups like Created by, Currency, Parent Account, Account or Contact etc. Displays names by any of the form fields in CRM.
  • Display Labels - Select any no. of fields for Tool Tip Display on the Main calendar UI pro.

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Don’t Forget to Register Your Add-on from Within Your Dynamics 365 / CRM Settings

You will receive an email of helpful instruction links after download, a 2nd email confirming “License Activation” is sent only when you start using this product, which may cause a momentary delay.

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