Omni Sharepoint Online

bởi Newgen Software Tech. Ltd.

Online Share Point Integration with OD and OF using O365/Windows Azure

This is an O365 App having ready integration with Enterprise level Business Process Management (BPM) and Document Management (DMS) Suite.

Newgen is a product based organization pioneered in BPM and DMS solutions and having multiple implementations across the globe. There are multiple Addins and Plugins available over and above the products for achieving various tasks and functionalities. MS Addin being one of such Addin designed over Microsoft Word to directly export the documents to the DMS repository and to initiate a case in Workflow.

With this O365 application Newgen is planning to extend the horizon by partnering with Microsoft and the app will act as a launch pad for having Outlook, word and SharePoint documents and use cases getting directly inserted into BPM/DMS suites. A user having OD/OF licenses can work on the O365 Application and this is mandatory to have an OD/OF License and the user will be registered in OD only.

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