JAGGAER Contract Authoring


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Author and review contracts faster than ever directly in Word with JAGGAER Contract Authoring.

JAGGAER Contract Authoring for Word turns Microsoft Word into a powerful and easy-to-use contracting tool for your enterprise.

This Word add-in is part of JAGGAER's complete contract lifecycle management solution, which is designed to optimize your contracting process while minimizing your legal and regulatory risk.

This application requires an active subscription to Total Contract Manager from JAGGAER. Please see for plans and pricing.


- This version is for site administrators to perform testing only.

- For all other uses, please use "JAGGAER Contract Authoring" version.


- Generate contracts dynamically using “Smart Templates”.

- Ensure consistency across contracts using approved clauses.

- Streamline the review and approval process.

- Control visibility of templates and clauses across the entire organization.

- Reduce and track contract cycle time.

- Mitigate legal and regulatory risk.

- Eliminate paper and SharePoint files.

Join over 130 enterprise customers who are authoring, reviewing, and managing over a million contracts with JAGGAER solutions

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