SharePoint Event Manager

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Simple, Feature Rich and Responsive Event Management for SharePoint

**** Version ****

  • Attendance toggle bug fix in non IE browsers

**** New in Version ****

  • The Event Manager now supports attendee management. Attendees can be added via the event form, and their attendance marked via the event view page.
  • The approval system has been expanded to include email notifications at all stages of approval, and to allow for a message to be sent to the user and displayed if the event is rejected.
  • Standardised dashboard display rules
  • Fixed issue with yearly chart on admin dashboard for mobile users


This add-in snaps instantly into existing 2013/O365 SharePoint environments, allowing organisations to effectively manage their upcoming events and engagements.

It is fully responsive and mobile friendly, featuring event creation, management, reporting and searching capabilities, including a custom event calendar.

For more information and usage instructions, please see the documentation at

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