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Decision Tree

Garden City Consultants

1.7 (10)

a tool to visualize a course of actions, statistical probability outcomes or option pricing


Decision Tree Excel Add-in visualizes a course of actions, statistical probability outcomes or option pricing.

Two sample data in the add-in helps user to understand the data structures:

  • Decision Tree Sample Data.

  • Option Pricing model sample data.

Both sample data have the same format.

The data has 4 columns:

  • ID: numeric identifier of the node.

  • Label: the label of the node in the tree.

  • ParentID: the parent node id in the tree.

  • Size: the font size of the node. It is a relative representation of the font size, not the real font size.

  • Style: the color of the node. It can be a text such as "black", "red", "green" or a color code such as #FF0000, #00FF00.


  • User can select different fonts in the setting window for the tree labels.

  • Adjustable node size of the tree by using the max font size setting.

  • Mouse over the chart to view the data detail in the tool-tips.

  • Change the chart title by clicking in the title area and enter a preferred text for the chart title.

  • Easy to use and user friendly are the key features of this add-in. Sample data can be the template to build own data.

  • Interactive Chart: the chart is binding to the data table in the sheet. The chart is updating when the data is entering.


  • Download this add in and start Excel 2013 SP1 or later Add in.

  • Select a sample data type in the sample data drop-down in the setting window and Click Insert Sample Data button to view the chart.

  • Clean the sample data and set the focus to the first cell.

  • Select a different type of sample data in the setting window and view the chart.

  • Repeat step 2, 3, 4 to view all the 2 different sample data.

  • Build own data and paste into sample data table and click binding existing data button to draw the chart.
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