Pixton Comic Characters

Pixton Comics Inc.

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Add illustrated, posable comic characters to your training or educational presentations.

This add-in allows you to add illustrated comic characters to your presentations. By using Pixton PALs (Pedagogical Agents for Learning) you can increase engagement and comprehension, and make your presentations more fun and interesting. PALs are computer-generated training assistants; they can present course material, interact with the learner, and provide social encouragement – in much the same way a live instructor might.

The Pixton add-in works by allowing you to select from a varied cast of preset characters and outfits, and add them directly into your presentation. Characters come in different ages, ethnicities, and genders. Once a character is selected you can choose a clothing style and an appropriate pose.


  • Explain difficult or sensitive policies and procedures with comic illustrations.
  • Increase learner retention and engagement with illustrated, posable comic characters.
  • Add Pixton characters and assets to eLearning programs created with PowerPoint.


  • Increase learner retention and engagement with illustrated, posable comic characters.
  • Both students and teachers can use the add-in for their presentations.
  • Appropriate for all subjects, K-12 and post-secondary.
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