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Capture, organize, and share notes.

Put the team back in teamwork.

Evernote | Microsoft Teams Integration

Your team’s best work doesn’t live in just one place. Evernote lets you access all content right from your chat thread so you’re able to give conversations more context, turn ideas into action, and see where better collaboration takes you.


Increased teamwork

Bring your Evernote content into Teams and go beyond standard communication, so you can easily share your ideas and collaborate better.

Better communication

Get the full context of a conversation by chatting about a project in Teams while reading through a shared Evernote note, all without ever leaving your chat.

A centralized workspace

Quickly search and share Evernote notes, ideas, and knowledge in Teams conversations and channels.

Accelerated results

Evernote lets you easily share and organize notes right from your Microsoft Teams chat, allowing you to find content quickly without switching between tools.


“Since implementing Evernote, the time it takes my team to carry out a project from start to finish has been cut in half.”

Péter Tóth-Czere | Co-Founder & Chief Content Officer, Coffee Break Consulting

Evernote | Microsoft Integration

The integration that supports your employees by taking their Microsoft Teams conversations from chat session to deliverables.


For Improved Organization

Effortlessly catalogue data, research, conversations, and meeting notes so they are easy to find anytime.

As a Time-Saver

Search and share from within a Teams chat—there’s no need to switch between apps. Plus, changes to notes stay in sync so chats are always up to date.

For Cross-Functional Alignment

Employees can pin notes—like objectives, deliverables, or metrics—to give context to a conversation as well as build shared understanding and alignment across teams.

To Promote Better Conversations

Both private and public Evernote notes can be shared within a channel or conversation, so everyone has what they need to focus on the tasks that matter most.

Your 4-Step Guide to using Evernote and Microsoft Teams together


Share your Evernote notes in a Teams channel to collaborate on projects without leaving Teams, allowing you to turn any conversation into a working session in a snap.


One click lets you search and share anything including meeting minutes, handwritten notes, whiteboard images, offline documents, and more.


With all of the information organized and captured, you can turn conversations into a productive brainstorm by pinning an Evernote note to a conversation for the team to edit* and view.


Create and organize new Evernote notes from emails and attachments with the Microsoft Outlook plugin with just one click.

To access all the Evernote features within Microsoft Teams, you will need an Evernote account. Don’t have one? Sign up for free.

* Note editing functionality is currently supported only in Chrome, Safari and in desktop Microsoft Teams application.

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