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Elfsquad connects the end customer to production, for a fully automated pre-production process.

Are you a producer or supplier of complex composed products? Using Elfsquad, you are able to automate your pre-production process, in order to meet increasingly higher customer demands. By automating your pre-production process, Elfsquad reduces the complexity of creating modular products such as machines, coach builds, even complete production lines and many more products, turning it into routine. Implementation of complex products with a variety of options, characteristics, and relationships is made easy by using the Elfsquad Product Configurator. By using the Configurator, a lot of time can be saved for sales- and/or engineering staff, since the variety of options no longer needs to be manually reported, and perhaps more importantly; a 100% error-free product will be guaranteed.

Some businesses might already use certain applications within their production products. This is no problem, since Elfsquad’s Product Configurator integrates seamlessly with other applications such as CRM, ERP, PDM, or CAD. A request on your website would generate a sales opportunity in CRM. BOM’s are created in ERP, and CAD models are generated; all in combination with the Elfquad Product Configurator.

Elfsquad is a web-based application, meaning it can be used on any device with an internet connection and browser. To utilize the configurator, a license is needed. The type of license depends on your company’s characteristics (e.g. users, demanded functionality). An Elfsquad license provides you with the opportunity to connect your end customer directly to production, realizing a fully automated pre-production process.

Our CPQ software takes away the worries in your production process. Interested to learn more? Real-life cases are available on our website:

Should you have any questions, or are you curious about what we could mean for your business? Contact us via or +31 85 06 56 638.

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