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Add notes to emails/conversations, organize emails with tags/categories and folders

An Outlook Email Assistant to Help YOU Get More Done

EmailCaddie for M365 is an email productivity tool for Outlook. Use EmailCaddie to add notes to emails, tag/categorize emails and keep your Inbox clean and emails organized by moving emails to other folders.


Click the "Get it Now" button on the top left under our logo. EmailCaddie for M354 works with Outlook on the Web and Outlook Desktop 2016 or later. EmailCaddie works inside Outlook... right beside your Email.


  • Add Notes to Email CONVERSATIONS
    • Add notes to remind yourself why you left an email in your Inbox
    • Add notes to remind yourself of future actions
    • Add information collected over the phone etc
    • Your notes will be visible on all emails that are part of the same thread/conversation.
    • Your notes are synched and available wherever you are using Outlook
    • Your notes are confidential so only you can see them.
    • Your notes are stored in your Outlook separately from the email so there is no chance of accidentally sending them to the wrong person.

  • Add Tags/Categories to your emails
    • Organize your emails by tagging them with one or more categories.
    • The same list of tags/categories are available in Outlook Desktop and OWA

  • File your emails to folders
    • Keep your Inbox clean by moving emails out to archive folders
    • Organize your emails into client/project folders


Email us at if you need help or have ideas for improvement. We want to make EmailCaddie your Ultimate Email Productivity Helper.

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