PitchBook for Excel

bởi Pitchbook Data, Inc.

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Strengthen your analysis and build better financial models using PitchBook’s data.

Build better financial models—faster

PitchBook’s prebuilt templates give you immediate access to investor tear sheets, comparables and valuations—whenever you need them. The data we pipe into our templates is dynamic and always up-to-date, and because variables can be manipulated to evaluate all possible outcomes, you can feel confident in your decision-making.

Easily update financial models

Ensure efficiency and accuracy in your work by utilizing our formula builder to select the specific data you want populated in your models.

Save invaluable time

Pull saved searches from the PitchBook platform directly into your spreadsheets to get the data you need, where you need it. Refresh your models with a single click and spend your time-savings on other important priorities.

PitchBook for Excel requires a subscription to the PitchBook Platform. For more information and to get a subscription please visit

Supported Platforms and Browsers

  • Mac with Microsoft 365;
  • Microsoft 365 Online (Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Edge browsers).

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