VIES API - EU VAT Validation

bởi NETCAT Systemy Informatyczne

Automatic checking and downloading company data from VAT Information and Exchange System (VIES)

The Excel add-in allows you to quickly and automatically check entities (all your EU contractors) using the Excel spreadsheet in terms of their current status in the VIES system.

Watch the video how to automatically and massively verify EU VAT statuses of companies in the VIES system using Excel add-in.

The full functionality of the Excel add-in can be checked – without the need to create an account – using the provided Testing Environment.


To use the VIES API - EU VAT Validation service you must register as a new user (click here.), login and provide a tax identification number, select a subscription and make a payment (start form 10€/mo).


Using the add-in in the production API requires setting up an account on the website, purchasing a minimum of the Business plan and generating a key and its identifier. The process of registering and setting up an account as well as generating keys has been described on the documentation page.

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