Kleos for Outlook

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Manage your inbox and archive your emails. 

Kleos is the leading web-based practice management software in Europe and is trusted by over 30.000 legal professionals for law firm management. It has been designed by lawyers for lawyers and offers a comprehensive suite of features that seamlessly integrate case management with time tracking, billing, and reporting. With its exclusive file-sharing portal and mobile apps, users can work remotely from anywhere and collaborate in real-time.


Manage your inbox and archive your emails.


The Kleos Outlook Add-In facilitates smart management and processing of your emails. Thanks to the direct synchronization of Outlook with Kleos, you can work across systems without interrupting your work processes.


Start now with instant e-mail filing:  

  • Email filing made easy

    • File case-related e-mails and attachments in Kleos smartly, without leaving Outlook
    • Save whole conversation threads at once and increase your efficiency
    • Save all related metadata associated with the attachments in Kleos automatically

  • Smart organization, on a case-by-case basis

    • Get case proposals depending on selected e-mail

  • No duplicate filing

    • Organize your inbox easily, with labels for emails to be filed to Kleos 

  • Mail composition with data from Kleos

    • Use metadata from cases to create emails
    • Save time by using proposals for email addresses and attachments


This add-in is currently intended for Outlook for macOS users. If you use Outlook with a Windows operating system, we recommend the add-in optimized for this purpose, which you can download from our homepage.


This integration is included for all users with an Essential, Pro and Business subscription.

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