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Smart telephony features of 1&1 Business Phone integrated in Microsoft Teams

Integrate 1&1 Business Phone smart telephony features into Microsoft Teams. Start and schedule meetings or easily join a video meeting.

1&1 Business Phone App for Microsoft Teams brings all your communication needs together in one convenient place. Make calls, start or schedule video meetings, and take advantage of powerful business telephony features directly from Microsoft Teams.

1&1 Business Phone App for Microsoft Teams enables users to:

  • Use of all functions of an enterprise PBX
  • Access to 1&1 Business Phone contacts from the Teams environment
  • The entire call history in one application: both from 1&1 Business Phone and Microsoft Teams

Less distractions, more productivity.

All PBX features are immediately available. So the combination of cloud telephony with Microsoft Teams enables quick access to streamlined internal processes and more time for concentrated work.

Use your favourite telephony features:

  • Settings
  • Favourites
  • Voicemail
  • Logging in/out of queues

To get started with the 1&1 Business Phone Microsoft Teams integration, you need an active 1&1 Business Phone account.

If you do not have an account yet, please contact our sales team under 08008040200 or request an expert consultation here:

Also, it is essential to install our desktop application and/or mobile applications to make phone calls or start and join meetings.

You can download the desktop app here:

The mobile apps are only available in Germany in the respective app stores (iOS & Android).

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