OneDrive integration by adenin

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Show users recent OneDrive files inside SharePoint or Viva Connections

Transform your SharePoint and Viva Connections by integrating with OneDrive, thanks to adenin's seamless integration. This powerful synergy allows for direct access to OneDrive files within your SharePoint workspace, marrying the convenience of OneDrive with the collaborative strength of SharePoint.

Access and manage OneDrive files directly within SharePoint

Share and collaborate on OneDrive files within SharePoint

✅ Benefit from full Microsoft 365 integration, enhancing your digital workspace

Frequently asked questions about SharePoint OneDrive integration

What OneDrive data can be accessed through SharePoint?

The integration focuses on "My recent files," allowing users to view files recently interacted with from their OneDrive account directly within SharePoint.

Is there any cost associated with the SharePoint OneDrive integration?

While SharePoint serves as a free channel within adenin, leveraging data from OneDrive through this integration may incur costs based on your adenin plan. For comprehensive details, refer to the pricing page.

Who benefits most from integrating SharePoint with OneDrive?

This integration is ideally suited for Finance & Accounting, Internal Communications, and IT teams within both small and large organizations. It simplifies the incorporation of OneDrive into SharePoint without necessitating any technical expertise, thanks to adenin's complete handling of the authentication process and data loading into an Adaptive Card layout.

Is technical expertise required to use this integration?

No, the setup is designed to be straightforward and accessible, enabling busy managers to integrate and manage their workplace applications effortlessly. With tools like the low-code Adaptive Card designer, the process is made simple, requiring no coding skills for basic setup and customization.

What is adenin?

Adenin is a platform that integrates all kinds of work apps into a personal dashboard as well as your other work applications, such as intranets or chatbots. Any app you connect gets represented as an Adaptive Card that you can use directly on your dashboard or embed into one of the supported channels. Bear in mind that, even though channels such as SharePoint are free, the use of adenin (including using data from Google Calendar) incurs usage charges according to your plan. See the pricing page for details →

How does adenin protect the data shared between OneDrive and SharePoint?

Adenin employs the secure OAuth standard for all data access and sharing processes, ensuring users can control and revoke permissions at any time. This approach guarantees that no data is stored on adenin servers, with all information directly transferred to SharePoint under strict privacy policies. For further assurance, users are encouraged to review adenin's Privacy Policy.

By leveraging adenin for OneDrive and SharePoint integration, you unlock a streamlined, productive, and collaborative workspace environment, making the most of your Microsoft 365 tools without the hassle of app-switching or data silos.

Will this work in SharePoint and Viva Connections?

Yes, the OneDrive integration comes with a Webpart that works on your SharePoint pages, as well as an Adaptive Card available on your Viva Connections dashboard.

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