Kool Classroom

bởi Kool Learning Inc

e-learning app for teachers and students

Kool Classroom helps teachers, students, and institutions by integrating online learning modules with feedback tools and file management, all from a simplified dashboard. Visit for more info.

Key Features:

- Teachers and Institutions can create groups of playlists that mash-up teacher generated content with all kinds of other learning materials. Videos, readings, online demonstrations and simulations are all viewed by students within the Kool window for a focused and personalized learning experience.

- Teachers can create and organize courses, upload assignments with due dates posted to the class calendar, respond to student questions, and write announcements. They can also store lesson plans in their personal Notebook.

- Students and Teachers can use Lync to view when others are online, providing opportunities for real-time tutoring, group meetings, and teacher collaboration.

- Institutions can provide consistent online learning by creating their own catalog of courses for their teachers to use and customize. Student data can be used to test the quality of content itself so that performance continually increases.

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