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e-Invoice application integrated with Office 365.

365e-Invoice application allows end user to process invoices according to the statements defined by Turkish Revenue Administration. Application is hosted by ISIS Information Technologies and connected to Office 365. In order to use Office 365 you must have a valid 365 license. After downloading the application please be sure that you are a registered by TRA as an e-invoice taxpayer. As well as processing your invoices you can also receive invoices. Download PDF or XML copies of the invoices into your local directories.

Since 365e-Invoice runs with Office365 , you can easily transfer your invoices into SharePoint or OneDrive.

Application benefits:

[#U]More than one user can process invoices at the same time.[/#U]

[#U]You can add attachments to the invoices.[/#U]

[#U]Processed invoices are archived and stored for 10 years.[/#U]

[#U]You can add more than one dispatch number and document to the invoices.[/#U]

[#U]You can download invoices in PDF or UBL-TR format.[/#U]

[#U]You can upload invoices in CSV or UBL-TR format.[/#U]

[#U]There is no invoice count limit[/#U]

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