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Absence planning made easy

Please note that you need a valid account in order to use this Shareppoint integration. is a SaaS solution for small and medium sized companies for managing their employees. We replace time consuming and tedious spread sheets with smart and intuitive online solutions.

Included functionalities in the Sharepoint App

  • See who is absent today
  • See coming absences within your team
  • Create a new absence request

Besides that, the web version ob includes following functionalities:

  • Calendar overview about your team or company
  • Integrated approval workflow
  • Dashboard for the most important data and statistics
  • Calendar integration into Outlook, iCal and Google Calendar
  • Automatic vacation day tracking
  • Various reportings

The integration only works with IE9 oder higher.

In case of questions and your own specific requirements, do not hesitate to contact us.

Your team!

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