Alli helps business resolve employee's questions automatically by NLU AI

Alli is the easiest tool to deliver rich conversational experiences.

"Alli helps business automate answering questions from employees and customers by natural language understanding AI. Businesses are having too many documents and getting too many questions from employees and customers. And they are spending too much time for getting an answer from these documents. Alli will resolve this.

How Alli is different:

You don't need to spend any time for manual data tagging. Just upload your FAQ and documents, such as guidelines, legal documents, contracts and company knowledge documents, in Alli dashboard. All's AI will take care of the rest. Alli's AI will automatically find an answer directly from your FAQ or from your uploaded documents in a sentence level.

How it can be possible:

Alli is powered by Allganize's Machine Reading Comprehension technology. This is how machine reading comprehension is different from usual keyword search. Let's say you have 100,000 documents and you have one question: "how often should I do onsite exams?" If you put this question in the typical keyword search, you'll probably get around 5,000 documents which contains the word: how, should, or do. You need to check one by one manually. For reading 5,000 documents to check the answer, you will probably need more than an hour.

However, if you put the very question in Alli, Allganize's machine reading comprehension API brings the answer in a sentence level such as "12 months is good and it can be extended into 18 months" within a second. So, more than an hour became just a second.

What Alli can do:

Alli will make you build the multi-turn conversation by using easy-to-use GUI: Chatflow Builder. In Chatflow builder, you can use external data node to integrate with any other 3rd party rest API server or your legacy server. The responses are stored as a variable and can be used in the response to make the personalize conversation.

Who are using Alli:

Alli has many enterprise customers from US, Japan and South Korea from Insurance, Finance, E-commerce, Energy, Telecommunication industries. Half of Alli customers are using it for the employee assistant and rest of them are for the customer support.

This app is used in integration with Alli(

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Integration guide:

This app is not available for independent users, it is an enterprise solution.

Purchasing, sign-up and configuration of our app is only possible on enterprise level by IT admins.

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