iObeya unleashes the power of Visual Management for Lean and Agile enterprises

iObeya is an Enterprise platform that provides virtual meeting rooms dedicated to Visual Management.

Offer a unique visual collaborative experience to your distributed and collocated teams by digitizing all post-it meetings. You can freely configure and easily animate PI plannings, Scrum ceremonies, Huddle meetings and Brainstorms in your Teams channel through an immersive real-time user experience.

iObeya adapts to all Visual Management practices, with unlimited customization and integration capabilities. Whether for Lean Product Development, the Scaled Agile FrameworkⓇ, Operational Performance Management or simply for on-the-fly brainstorming, iObeya provides a single platform to address them all.

Based on Lean and Agile principles, iObeya mimics the experience of paper-based Visual Management removing paper limitations while safeguarding human interactions.

Catalyze cultural change and introduce a new way of working to your organization by embedding visual collaboration into your Microsoft digital workplace. iObeya is a proven solution for cultural and digital transformation within enterprise. It allows visual management deployment throughout the entire organization making teams more dynamic and efficient.

iObeya is trusted by Global 500 companies and government organizations around the world. The solution was created as an enterprise platform in partnership with large corporations with security and scalability built-in. As a web-based application compliant with IT governance standards, iObeya is simple to deploy, operate and administer.

iObeya is a license-based software for Lean and Agile enterprises. To take advantage of the iObeya App, an account is required. New users should contact the iObeya team for a free trial at

Note: Only compatible with the iObeya Cloud offering.

Key Features:

  • Real-time collaboration
  • Natural User Experience
  • Instant meeting mode for ad-hoc collaboration
  • Customizable virtual meeting rooms for teams
  • 100+ board templates included
  • Meeting facilitation tools (timer, guided navigation, shared editor)
  • Brainstorming and Vote
  • Task & project management tools
  • Visual Planning
  • Performance Management tools (SQCDP, +QCDI, SQCDM, KPIs consolidation)
  • Kanban boards
  • Jira connector
  • Problem Solving cards
  • Advanced user management
  • Single Sign-on & User provisioning supported
  • Active stylus supported
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