XBRL Filed Data


Get as-filed data from financial reports submitted in XBRL format.

Use of this add-in requires a free XBRL US Web Account and XBRL API credentials ( A free, non-member account will return 100 rows of data per query, up to 1,000 rows of data using an offset parameter as described in the documentation linked below.

Install this add-in and use the custom function XBRL.showData to get data for your financial models. Use the Query Wizard initially to search our database (which includes reports copied from the US Securities and Exchange Commission within minutes of filing) and learn how to create/modify API calls.

Use the online documentation ( to enhance and target your searches with the full complement of available endpoints. Connect with other users to get your questions about the XBRL API answered, and to share your tips (

Activating additional features: Join XBRL US as a Power User Individual Member or Organizational Member and you can increase rows of data returned, get all data available from the XBRL API, and use member-only endpoints and features.

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