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Capture incoming invoices in Excel using OCR, data extraction and machine learning

Do you create an Excel table of incoming invoices? Do you need to track approval and payment of these invoices and finally deliver them to a tax advisor? Then you will love the Rechnungsrakete, since it will save you a lot of time of hassle:

  • OCR and automatic data recognition instead of manual copy & paste
  • Just drag & drop PDF invoices into your Excel file
  • Forward email invoices to Excel (yes, your Excel file will get its own email address!)
  • View invoice documents directly in Excel, no need to maintain complicated folder structures
  • Deliver a perfectly prepared summary and invoice documents to your tax advisor – they will like it!

All of this without leaving Excel. You do not need to learn any new software. Install the add-in and just a minute later, your first invoice will have been captured in Excel.

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