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XMReality lets you guide other people as if you were right by their side.

XMReality Remote Guidance lets you guide another person and see what they experience in real-time, as if you were right by their side. It allows you to provide your expertise to customers, field personnel, suppliers, contractors and others, without being on-site with them. Compared to a standard video call it makes problem resolution faster, first-time-to-fix and time-to-repair shorter, audits and inspections simpler and it improves user satisfaction. With XMReality you avoid dispatching people to go on site, getting rid of travel costs, and minimizing your environmental impact.

XMReality Remote Guidance is enabled by a combination of real-time video, audio and augmented reality powered guide tools such as hand and object overlays, pointers, annotations, shared images, screens and more.

**Any device**

Whatever device you use, XMReality is built to run on it. From smart glasses to smartphones, tablets, and computers. You’re the user – you decide. With no platform limitations, XMReality can run in a standard web browser, or as a native app on Windows, Android and iOS. Smart glasses support include HoloLens2, Realware, Vuzix, Zebra and Iristick.

**Connect with anyone**

With XMReality call links, you can invite anyone to join a remote guidance call. Send a call link by email, SMS, third party apps or directly inside Microsoft Teams using the XMReality integration. The receiver of the call link simply taps the link, and is immediately taken into the guide call. No need for app downloads or user registrations.

**Powerful guide tools**

For faster problem resolution, XMReality provides visual guiding tools powered by augmented reality. Hands and object overlay capabilities let you provide intuitive instructions quickly, with real-time pointers you can highlight specific areas and with annotations you can provide more complex instructions and guidance. To enable hands free operations, you can zoom in and out remotely, take remote snapshots and activate device flashlights remotely.

*Note: To use this app you need an active XMReality account, please sign up at [](*

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