Smart Filter Pro by OKViz

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The most advanced slicer for your reports.

Smart Filter Pro by OKVIZ is an advanced slicer that can search through multiple data columns at once. You can use it in five different modes: - Dropdown mode Works like an autocomplete search box – start typing text and the top matching records are instantaneously displayed in a dropdown list. - Filter mode Filter your data with advanced queries. You can use wildcards and logical operators, with little impact to the performance even with thousands of records. - Search mode Search data faster. Better performance and dynamic search that starts while you enter text. - Hierarchy mode Turn the visual into a tree-view slicer. - Observer mode Show all filters currently applied to your reports. Smart Filter Pro supports Bookmarks, Sync slicers, Incremental data loading, Copy & Paste, and advanced customization. To unlock all these features you need a valid license key – visit to get yours!

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