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Display beautiful data-bound images with tooltips and links using urls from your Power BI reports.

Image is designed to bring your compelling images into your Power BI report.

Does your dataset include image data? These could include company logos, product images, employee photos and more. Using Image, you can display these images right within your reports with the appropriate context.

If your data includes other fields, you can add a tooltip to the image, or turn it into a clickable link that will direct users to a relevant URL.

Image includes a variety of formatting options designed to highlight your images in the best way. You can add borders, stretch and fill images, and turn them into round icons.

Image turns every report designer into a graphic artist, allowing you to manipulate images through CSS to create maximum impact.

Images supported

Image works with a variety of image formats, including jpg, png and svg. Anything that the Power BI browser supports. Image works with both http/https links, as well as embedded images in base64 and other formats.


Image requires a license. For smaller organizations or groups, you can choose an inexpensive per-user option in the AppSource store. For larger user communities or for environments that are not supported by AppSource licensing, contact CloudScope.

Image has been adopted by the Power BI communities for over seven years. However, it takes a significant investment in order to keep a visual up to date with Microsoft's evolving SDKs and listing requirements, and to provide support to users. Licenses will help ensure the future sustainability of Image.

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