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Bullet chart is a variation of a bar chart that was developed as a replacement for gauges and meters

The xViz Bullet chart for Microsoft Power BI is a variation of a bar. The Bullet chart has the following advantages over the gauges. It saves space and requires less real estate, as it can be oriented horizontally and vertically based on the space available. The bullet chart displays multiple measures in a single visual. The custom visual is designed in such a way that the information present in the chart is conveyed easily.

The extra visual components in Bullet Chart allow you to track targets and classify them qualitatively.


- Conditional Formatting

- Advanced Analytical and Statistical Features

- Reverse Axis and Legends RTL support

- Comparison of Band customization

- Marker for 2 Benchmark Values

- Marker customization

- Orientation

- Summary Table

- Detailed Tooltip


1. Performance of a product can be compared with one or more alternative measures

2. Multiple Qualitative Bands gives an overview of the target achieved as Good, Average or Bad

3. Targets can be identified by applying conditional formatting to the bands

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