Cost Management App

bởi Microsoft Corporation

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Get insights into your Azure cost data using the new Azure Cost Management App for Power BI

Using the new Azure Cost Management Template app for Power BI, you can import and analyze your Azure cost and usage data within Power BI. The reports provided, allow you to gain insights into which subscriptions or resource groups are consuming the most. It also provides visibility into spending trends and overall usage.

Azure Cost Management App currently supports customers with an Enterprise Agreement (EA).

Included reports:

  • Account overview
  • Usage by Subscriptions and Resource Groups
  • Top 5 Usage drivers
  • Usage by Services
  • Windows Server AHB Usage
  • VM RI Coverage (shared recommendation)
  • VM RI Coverage (single recommendation)
  • RI Savings
  • RI Chargeback
  • RI purchases
  • Pricesheet

To connect, you must use an Enterprise Administrator account for your Enterprise Agreement (EA).

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