Demand Planning | Multi Model Custom solution | 12 Weeks

bởi Decision Point Analytics Inc

Advanced AI Based Demand Forecasting

The post-2020 world has been marked by extreme volatility in all spheres of business and life. In such times, scientific predictions of demand have become a must-have capability for organizations. A lot of noise has been generated in data through disruptions driven by community lockdowns, characterized by different conditions and durations. This has made it more complicated to predict demand and plan resources across the supply chain. A single model is no longer sufficient to predict sales for a given product. We need a more sophisticated approach to forecast sales across different time intervals. Decision Point is leveraging state-of-the-art A.I to develop ensemble models that forecast sales across different time periods – the upcoming week, month, quarter and years. And Demand forecasting is not just purely about the numbers. The forecasting outputs must be well integrated with the business processes to enable agile scenario planning, perform gap analysis and drive the most optimal business interventions. Our Forecasting approach to realise true Value: Business Trend Analysis:- Study of business to understand how it is changing over time Scenario Planning:- Leverage advanced statistical techniques to predict sales in multiple scenarios Gap Analysis:- Comparison of trend-based forecasts with BP Targets & highlights gaps Intervention Planning and Clarity:- Stakeholder intervention and guidance to address the gaps & business priorities with a detailed 360-degree tracking of the recent interventions

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